Are you interested in learning how to be more charismatic, more interesting, and more successful with women?

Are you tired of all of the hype and promises, and the confusing, unorganized, unprofessional (and less-than-helpful) "products" out there that may boost your ego and get you excited, but don't really take the time to TEACH you anything?

Don't you wish that someone actually would take a professional, structured, well-produced and thought-out approach to teaching you how to be not only more successful with women, but maybe just more interesting, charismatic, and successful in general?

Maybe it's time for you to do what many guys have chosen to do - Pass by the hype and the hair gel, the promises and promoters, the arrogant and irreverent, and actually chose to learn from someone who has taken the time to REALLY explain and teach you skills in a way that helps to really learn them, know them, and USE them for yourself.

It just may be time for you to start to learn from Dave Riker.

There are many different "schools" and "methods" out there for (supposedly) meeting and being more successful with women. Well, regardless of what "school" you have learned from and what "techniques" you may have been taught, Dave Riker has materials and products that can help you to "Find the Women or Woman of your Dreams™".

Dave Riker has taught for years as part of Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction Training Team, and he has also taught alongside with such notable persons as Hypnotica, Steve Piccus, David D'Angelo, Mark Cunningham, Rick H., and more.

Although the products below are taught within the frame of the "Speed Seduction" methods, they can (and do) help men from many areas of technique, whether they are looking to become a playboy, meet just a few more women, or find that one special woman they wish to spend time with.

Speed Seduction Technical Manual

Have you ever wished that Speed Seduction® was taught in a more structured way, piece by piece, subject by subject, in a way that allows you to really understand it, really KNOW it, and really USE and APPLY it even better than before? If so, check out the Speed Seduction Technical Manual.

Speed Seduction Language and Conversation Course

Would you like to Learn the Language of Speed Seduction and know it so well that you can just "talk this way", as easily as you speak now? Would you also like to learn the techniques of Conversational Management that put you in control of how conversations happen, how to make and keep them interesting, and how they can work for YOU? If so, then what you have been waiting for is the Speed Seduction Language and Conversation Course.